Sal’s master pizza maker at work. The brand name Sal’s, is the shorten name of the founder, Salvatore Leo. Born in Puglia region of Italy in 1941, his family moved to New York and in 1975 founded Sal’s Pizzeria in Queens New York.

For NZ based Nick Turner and Ciaran McKeever, it was love at first bite, when they dined on these pizzas in New York. They fell in love with the authentic ingredients of this New York pizza.

They brought the authentic Pizza and NY pizzeria experience to New Zealand Shores about 10 years ago and proved the concept. With a chain of over 21 pizzerias and growing, this is fast becoming the pizza of choice for many people. So from humble beginnings to a national chain of pizzerias.

This is a NZ success story of dedication and hard work of bringing a dream to fruition. There are now plans to launch this brand into Australia with the first pizzeria to open there before the end of the year.

If you haven’t dined on a Sal’s pizza we recommend you try them out ….
and experience the taste sensation of genuine New York pizza is for yourself. Check out Sal’s here.