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Franchise Infinity

Industry Leading Integrated Franchise Management System

Manage all aspects of your franchise from one centralised operating system

Managing a franchise is a complex task. If you’re a franchisor, you’ll know there’s never enough time or money to do everything your franchisees would like, and even when you do send them new ideas or important updates, how can you be sure they’ve not only received them, but read them too?

Meanwhile, franchisees can find themselves bombarded with information and requests all the time. How are they supposed to sort out what’s urgent and what’s important from the rest, and if they don’t need the information right now, how are they going to find it later?

Franchise Infinity is the industry leading provider of cloud based franchise management software that brings together all the different systems that franchises use to provide a simple and flexible management tool. It works on any device so you can use it anywhere, any time. And, best of all, it works with existing systems and software to make it easier for franchises to achieve best practice every time.

Franchise Infinity was developed exclusively for the franchise sector, and with a low monthly fee is an affordable way to manage your franchise network. Leading franchise networks in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and United Arab Emirates are using Franchise Infinity, and it is now launching throughout Asia via a strategic partnership from our Singapore office.

The Benefits of Franchise Infinity

In too many cases there are significant gaps in paperwork, communication, training, or instances of systems being applied inconsistently across the network. Different franchisees come on board at different times so staying on top of what everybody knows can be a nightmare. Franchise Infinity helps franchisors improve consistency and productivity, and reduce costs and errors throughout their whole system in matters of compliance, communication, training and performance.

Making It Affordable

To keep your cash flow manageable, all Franchise Infinity costs is a low monthly subscription per seat, so you will only ever pay for what you need. For the latest pricing, call 0800 555 013 or email Manage your franchise from anywhere, on any device. Download it as an App from Google Play or iTunes, or use the Web App on any desktop or device.

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